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Collective Gallery: Christian Newby Exhibition

Updated: Jan 19

I'm excited to share portraits and a video I made for the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, featuring Christian Newby's 2021 exhibition in the City Dome. His work, "Flower-Necklace-Cargo-Net," is a large-scale textile piece that responds to the dome's history, originally built for an astronomical telescope.

Christian's unique approach uses an industrial carpet-tufting gun, not just for manufacturing but as an artistic tool.

He blurs the lines between art and craft, creating free-hand organic designs encased in a net pattern, reflecting our shared experience of confinement during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The exhibition also included "Ornaments and Crimes," a newspaper providing deeper insights into Christian's work, with contributions from writer Andrew Bourne.

My video captures the essence of Christian's innovative art. Check it out to see how he transforms traditional textile design into something extraordinary.

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