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Lyceum Christmas Tales

It has been a thrilling experience collaborating with the Lyceum in the lead-up to Christmas, and for me it has been about venturing into the uncharted territories of narrative storytelling and shifting my creativity and skills from documentary and trailers into full plays made for the screen.

In the past two months, we have joined forces to film a remarkable collection of plays. These plays, accessible for streaming online, aim to restore a semblance of the enchanting theatre experience to families during the festive season.

As you are likely aware, the Covid lockdowns have dealt a severe blow to theatres. However, these plays stand as a testament to the resilient spirit of optimism and joy that embodies the Lyceum and its supportive creative community.

The Lyceum Christmas Tales not only show our adaptability in challenging times but also reinforce the theatre's commitment to keeping the arts alive and accessible.

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