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Making Local Hero

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

The Lyceum commissioned this series of short videos to help audiences get a glimpse of the talent and excitement behind this new stage production of Local Hero. The cast and creative team travelled to Pennan, exploring the locations used in the original film. Watch the interviews below.

A wry comedy about a man who sets out to buy a beach, but ends up losing his heart to a village, Bill Forsyth’s magical Local Hero takes to the stage with new music and songs by the legendary Mark Knopfler.

Treasured by a generation in Scotland and loved far and wide, Local Hero is one of the defining moments of Scottish storytelling. Now the original creators of the international hit film and bestselling soundtrack Bill Forsyth and Mark Knopfler have teamed up with The Lyceum’s Artistic Director David Greig to create this brand new musical stage production with a multi-award winning creative team.

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